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The main objective of Mega Systems Company is to formulate the appropriate environment in each firm, so that it communicates effectively with its clients through smell. Two questions, therefore, comprise the fundamental pillars of our philosophy and of the product we offer: “Why should the premises of a business firm smell?” and “How should they smell?”

Each firm is the transmitter of different messages and we have the know-how to decode them, by creating olfaction communication “bridges” between transmitter and receiver (business and clients). We have used advanced diagnostic tools in order to study and analyze the “identity” of each business and decode it into communication scent notes

The essential “product” that every firm first sells is the awakening of all the senses caused by the ambience and the environment itself. Every scent selection invites and provokes feelings in every client. The scent is the first and the unique “messenger” of our emotions. The personality of each company, the “message” it wants to send as well as what differentiates it from any other company, are for us the subject of research and study.