Direct access to the subconscious in 1 second.

“The sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system of the brain that controls emotions and behavior, while playing an integral part in the memory processes and learning”.

“75% of all emotions are created through scent”
Bell. S., & Bell, C.P., «Future Sense: Defining Brands through Scent», The Journal of Marketing Society 38, Autumn, 2007

Scent Marketing is the study, analysis, identification and implementation of the appropriate multi-purpose fragrances that will enhance consumers’ emotional bond to the brand. Scent Marketing constitutes an essential pillar of communication strategy for every successful business.


  • Differentiation from competition

  • Consumers’ longer stay in a place

  • Emotional bonding with customers

  • Easy Brand awareness

  • Multiple applications of the fragrance for the benefit of the consumer